Cave walking in HPK

Cave walking with Kayan villagers in Huay Pu Keang village(long neck village), Thailand.

Kayan people in HPK village are originally from Burma, they are refugees living in northern Thailand, although they have been lived in the country for many years, but they are still not allowed to have a stable job and business by thai government , the only income they could have got is through tourism activities. The recent tourist system is not ideally, tourists are delivered by boats to enter the village, and have one or two hours to walking around the whole village, they would take pictures with the women who have long neck, and glance through the products they have made…

In order to change the un-playful and disrespectful tourist system, they host the first two-days village tour and workshops, host more interactive events with tourists, teaching bamboo workshops and guiding to the nature.

The cave walking is part of the event, that with the guiding of villagers, we could know some of the history and stories about local culture, and the knowledge of using natural plants to cure health problems.

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