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Curating and performance

IAS(Independent Art Spaces Beijing) 2017 – Qspace, September 2nd

Photo Credit: Va Sha


IAS 2017 started under the distinguished transformation of the city and individual beings. To respond to the hutong destruction movement around the neighborhood, we started this pinky rainbow tour followed the route we had been before, in a totally different existent surrounding, writer sat on a pile of bricks from a demolished hutong house, read out the article which exactly described the same street we had been through in the story.

Beijing’s Hutong in Transition:A story of bread and bricks. -written by Jo Dee

Exhibition : behind the curtain

How does an independent feminist queer space survive? how we showing erotic and political information behind the normal scenes? In the limited space which is a living room of a hutong house, the exhibition is covered by a harmless curtain. A wall of queer sex and gender expression, boxes with hidden messages, it is a space to discuss queer itself, and a feeling of anxiety and pride.


The queer performance “group” (directed by Shian Law, a performance artist form Australia ) done and shot at IFP(Institute For Provocation), was projecting on the hutong wall, no one notice until the day goes along to the dawn, and it has its first audience, and the second, and third… It talks about the existence of queerness, and awareness of it. Curiosity and awareness was transformed form ignorance and cold. The interactivity resolve the barrier between non-queer and queer.


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